A My Son tower complex architectures including A1, also known as Temple tower, locals are taking the name of A1 for naming architecture. Area A and A ‘with 17 overall architecture, as well as the ruins of the largest current architecture in My Son. In particular, A1 tower 24m high, this is the highest tower […]

Bana is considered the “green lung”, the “gem” of natural climate which bestowed Danang. Visitors to Ba Na not only enjoy the fresh air, green, clean and beautiful, but also admire the beautiful landscape that rarely get the public holiday. In a day Bana 4 distinct seasons: the spring morning, at noon in summer, afternoon […]


Hai Van Pass is located on a tributary of the sea crashing mountain ranges White Horse (part of the massif), connecting the province of Thua Thien Hue and Danang. High Pass 500m above sea level and about 20 km long. Called “Hai Van” because of its gorgeous scenery immensely, there are year-round Pass and Pass […]


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